We have some highly-anticipated news coming to our community next week.

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It is with great pleasure that we announce several imminent releases coming to Komet next week. Chief among them is our White Paper, which will outline Komet Finance’s roadmap for 2021 and describe our most promising, unique features that we will introduce over the next year.

White Paper release

We are aware that this is one of the most eagerly awaited news items to date, and are on the edge of our seats waiting for its release, much like many of you are.

We will reveal plenty of juicy details on some of our most exciting plans for you! You will find all the necessary information about our operating schedule for 2021 and beyond. …

We are thrilled to announce that Hale Bopp joins the team as a Full Stack Solidity Developer.

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Hale Bopp has a strong background in market finance. He was in charge of implementing derivatives pricers for forex option traders in major banks.

He has also great experience as a solidity developer.

Hale Bopp worked with Gelato and Instadapp in the development of several features in the DeFi world, such as the automatic refinancing of a Vault Maker through a bridge between Maker and several protocols such as Compound, AAVE or DYDX.

Komet keeps on building a strong team of talents to be able to face all future developments in the best possible way.

Everything you need to know about the new MasterUniverse staking contract.

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Here we are!
Dear community, we are glad to release the new version of our staking system. The team worked hard to release this new contract with much less gas consumption, more security and still so many specific features.

NOVA v2 on Uniswap

Everything you have to know about the switch from NOVA v1 to NOVA v2.

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V2 currently tested in-house

Before going into details on how you will be able to exchange your NOVA v1 for NOVA v2, a brief update on the V2 development.

We are well aware that it may appear as if nothing is going on from the outside. However, we are doing a lot behind the scene to make sure everything is well tested and thoroughly optimized to avoid any issue or bug in this new version and ensure a perfect launch.

We are currently testing the V2.

As a reminder, the development team took advantage of the bug to completely rewrite the functioning of the NOVA staking contract.

All you need to know about the gas consumption issue.

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The main issue

In the previous version of Master Universe, each user had a buffrate, it was supposed to evolve with time, increasing by 50% for each 24h period after the user starts staking.

This buffRate was used to calculate the plasmaPower of each user and so, to calculate the totalPlasmaPower.

The plasmaPower and totalPlasmaPower were then needed to calculate the proportion of each user in the pool, and so calculate the rewards.

In the first contract, the solution to update and calculate these values was done by a loop.

This loop worked well in a test environment with a few users. However, it didn’t scale. As you can guess and as we all saw, with several dozens of users this loop started to need a lot of resources to browse all the users. And since the more resources an action requires, the more gas it costs for the user, the system soon becomes inoperable. …

All you need to know about NOVA on Uniswap

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Liquidity pool launch at 2020–12–04 03:00 UTC

Pool information

Check below all the details you need to know

NOVA token

NOVA ressources you need to know

Don’t forget 2x staking bonus. It ends at block #11383737 (~1500 block from now)

Beware of scammers

Please be careful, join our Telegram announcement channel and our official Twitter Account to follow the right link to the NOVA/ETH pool of liquidity.

Dear community, we eagerly look forward to starting this journey with you! But first, we would like to share some essential information about staking.

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Supply and Timeline

Staking will last 5 months with 3 halving cycles taking place at 10, 30, and 70 days post-launch.

For the first ten days, 0.1138 Nova will be minted per block, or approximately 740 Nova per day. The first 24 hours, however, will have a 2x bonus on Nova rewards, with .2276 minted per block, or 1480 per day.

10% of this will be directed to the team. The total supply of Nova at the end of the 5 months staking period will match Komet at 30,000. …

Everything you need to know about NOVA

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A Reminder of Komet’s Mission

Over the past 6 months, DeFi has brought to the world an incredibly vast and powerful set of tools to remagine what finance means. We find it extraordinarily ironic that — despite DeFi’s promise to the world of an open, transparent financial system — many of the highly valued products are very opaque and unintuitive. These high information acquisition costs create high barriers to user entry, thus closing off access many users.

We at Komet are here to change that. Through stunning UIs, intuitive design language, and extraordinary attention to detail, our goal is to make the wondrous universe of decentralized finance accessible to everyone. …

Contracts have been successfully audited today by VidarTheAuditor

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✅ Green light ✅

According to Vidar, all the code we provided have successfully passed every automatic and manual tests.

The tests were successfully passed.

Read the full contracts audit 🔍

Full link to the Audit review by Vidar

Congrats to our brillant dev Neowise for his involvement and perfect work on the staking contracts 🥳 🎉 🍻

We are delighted to announce that Lovejoy joins us as a Senior Strategic Analyst at Komet.

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A deep background in DeFi and classical Finance

Lovejoy is a crypto investor and enthusiast with a background in traditional finance.

He joins Komet with experience in the full financial ‘stack’ (back, middle and front office) on both the buy side and sell side. Although he has informally advised several crypto ventures in the past, this marks the first time he has joined a team in an official capacity.

Armed with a keen eye for incentive design, and deep attention to tokenomics, he is thrilled at the opportunity to advance the DeFi space forward with Komet. …



New ERA of Decentralized Hedge Fund #DeFi $KOMET

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